US Influencers You Should Follow Right Now

10 US Influencers You Should Follow Right Now

In the USA alone, the market value of global influencers has reached US$13.8 billion in 2021. The figure has doubled since last year, and the US market is spending about US$ 3.69 billion on influencer marketing in 2021. The amount has increased from US$ 2.76 billion in 2019. As per the same research, the market is growing and will continue to be so. As a result, it has been forecasted the influencer market is estimated to go past US$ 4 billion in 2022.

In a system where 75% of businesses in a survey plan to have a dedicated budget for influencer marketing, it will be quite a miss if you are not already investing in influencers. If you want to know why you should invest in a US influencer, continue reading the article. However, before we give you the reasons for investing in influencers, you should know whom to follow.

Here are the top 8 US influencers that you should follow right now.

Top 8 US-based Influencers You Should Follow

We are not only listing influencers from a single industry but a few different ones to find the right person to collaborate with.


Fashion Influencers In the US

  1. Alexis Trotman – @whatboomerwore— Wilmington Influencer

Alex Trotman, mostly known as Boomer in the influencers circuit and among her friends, showcases her effortless style with affordable clothing. She has 24.1 K followers on Instagram of both young adults and the older generation. Trotman can simply lure followers to spectrums because she creates content with classic, modern, and sophisticated clothing while being affordable. The other primary reason Alex is a hit as a fashion influencer is because she offers in many of her outfits discount codes.

2. Hope LaVine – @hopelavine — Santa Monica Bridal Stylist

Want to reach out to all the would-be brides in the US? Then you should think of collaborating with Californio’s Hope LaVine. Professionally a bridal stylist offers a quirky sense of bridal style and dressing that also has an element of modernity and classic. So whether you are preparing a wedding dress jumpsuit, suit, mini skirt, Hope can help you style it and promote it. LaVine’s contents are suitable for even wedding guests with interesting style tips, creativity, and humor. Hope boasts of having 11.31K  and 16.7 K followers on TikTok and Instagram, respectively.

Fitness Influencers In the US

3. Kryss DeSandre – @kryssdesandre — Salt Lake City Influencer

Kryss is known for keeping it real when it comes to workout. Now she’s a  personal trainer who has been certified and uses her own experience in training to inspire others. DeSandre is followed by over 3K on Facebook and 4K on Instagram. So if you are looking to connect with real people interested in getting fit and eating properly, Kryss should be your choice of influencer. She also showcases cute and trendy activewear that can be quite a bonus if you want to promote your activewear line.

4. Shea Smith – @shea_jordan — Houston influencer

Are you looking for a male influencer who has something to say more than just showcasing a good workout routine? Shea Smith is the guy for you. A passionate individual who regularly combines different aspects of political equality in society and workout disciplines. It might seem a bit of a weird combination, but they gel together perfectly in Shea’s posts. He also promotes clothing lines for men who are interested in effortless fashion. As a result, Shea’s content oozes positivity has a 6.5% engagement rate with 14K followers on Twitter and about 7K on Instagram.

Health And Wellness  Influencers In the US

5. Ana & Zel – @anaandzel — New York Influencers

Do you want to promote a dairy-free lifestyle, good food hacks, and recipes that can be cooked easily at home? Ana & Zel should be your go-to influencers. On Twitter and Instagram, they have over 12K followers, where they share easy-to-do snacks, brunch, lunch, dinner, and breakfast recipes. Over the years, they have collaborated with quite a few food ventures. They also run a food blog that talks about wellness and lifestyle, which intends to inspire people for better living from their own experiences.

6. Tiffany Downing – @kravinketo — Portland Influencer

Tiffany is followed by over 11K across social media platforms. Since 2018 March, she has been following a low carb/keto diet. Downing’s posts are all about showing low-carb diet doesn’t have to be boring neither do you have to stay empty stomach. She continuously creates new recipes and has been a brand ambassador with ventures that promotes a healthy and low-carb diet. The other reason that attracts so many followers to what Tiffany shows in her posts is the giveaways she offers to her followers.

Beauty Influencers In The US

  1. Cody Jay – @codyjayartistry— Ohio Pro Makeup Artist

Are you thinking of breaking the norm and being all-inclusive with your beauty products? Codi Jay should be the one whom you should partner with. Cody has his own YouTube channel with over 5000 subscribers. You can also follow him on TikTok like other 148.5 thousand followers. His contents are unique, and the makeup skills are just bang-on that oozes with color brightness and perfection. Cody often shares beauty hacks unboxing videos and reacts to other celebrities’ makeups and looks. He is a fun influencer to collaborate with.

8. Virginia Cruz – @vaslimsofficial — New York Beauty & Fashion Expert

Followed by 19.5 thousand, Virginia Cruz is one of those fashionistas on social media platforms that can rock any look. This powerful unapologetic, and confident lady becomes visible through her posts. Her love for a variety of wigs, bold lipsticks that combine with classy and effortless looks is key to her success. If you are looking for an abashedly strong woman as a beauty influencer Virginia Cruz is your answer.

Why Partner With American Influencers?

Apart from being one of the fastest-growing influencers of markets globally, US influencers can help you create your brand to be a success by rapidly increasing the engagement with the audience by creating unique content. With most youngsters following American influences globally, you can easily reach the target audience through American influencers. If you are looking for ways to partner with them, it’s time you contact the pros in the industry who will put you through the right USA influencer.