android games hacker apps

The Five best game hacking apps for Android

The Android Games Hacker Apps

The most favorite activity of youth is playing video games on Android smartphones.  While playing games, Gamers look for more features that help them play more quickly and beat their gamer friends repeatedly by increasing the score charts. But sadly, most of the games have such annoying features that can lower the fun and even makes gamer less interested in games. However, android games hacker apps will be a considerable option and help you solve such issues and make you enjoy fully. It helps you score more and complete your levels quickly, you can also install a paid game on your smartphone for free. It will provide you more extra options including scanning and hacking at high speed. But before installing any hacking app you must know, not all hacking apps really work. Some of them are not legit and can steal your personal information and data.

The 5 Best Game Hacking Apps for Android are listed below:

  1. Xmodgames
  2. Cheat Engine
  3. Hackerbot
  4. Creehack
  5. Lucky Patcher


Xmodgames is the best game hacking application that allows you to switch games on a rooted Android smartphone. Firstly, it will scan all the games stored on your device and then look for any trick from the computer which will help you hack the game. The app allows you to play the most popular video games including Pokémon, Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers, and many more. The app provides the best tricks to fully enjoy the game and make it easier to play.


  • The best feature of Xmodgames is its user-friendly interface
  • Automatically search for the opponent and more game features
  • Has thousand plus game modes for different games
  • Has the feature of an auto-update
  • The app has a gaming accelerator that will speed up the game
  • Xmodegames helps to unlock different game modes
  • Regularly update hot games
  • It allows you to hack a game so that you can modify it as you want

Cheat Engine

Dark Byte created this free open-sourced and the most admired android game hacking app. It scans the internet for modifications and allows a huge success over the opponent. It is a hack games tool with no root cheat engine which helps to download the paid games for free. The cheating engine is suitable for online and offline games. You can use cheats when playing video games, or you can customize them to your liking. For Example, the player can change the weapons and barriers and can see through the walls by applying the cheat engine. It also has the feature of fast scanning. For hacking games on PC, cheat engine is offering a Pc version feature too.


  • You can modify games according to you.
  • It can scan fast
  • Open source memory scanner
  • Allows you to make your own interface
  • Use as a debugger
  • Hex editing can be done by a cheat engine
  • Offers several types of scanning


Hackerbot is a virus-free hacking app for android. Hacker bot can also access the premium features.  Hackerbot is a free, easy to download, and time-saving app. You may simply download it from google but you might download malware and fake files. Hackerbot solved this issue by introducing a search engine platform that will keep your device safe from unwanted files and viruses. It has two Search engines, ProFinder and FreeFinder.  FriendFinder is free and used by everyone while ProFinder is also free but accessing the premium version for paid cheats requires a sign-up.


  • Free to download
  • Best application to hack Android games
  • It is simple and easy to download, also save your time
  • No malware, fake and unwanted files
  • Using Profinder, you will get premium paid cheats
  • Only appropriate websites have been included in the search


If you want to play a lot of video games for free on your Android phone, Creehack will provide you with the best game hacking tools you need. In many video games, you can use extra features by purchasing them but Cree hack offers you all the features for free. This is an Android hacker without a root application. You will have unlimited playing features including coins, diamonds, levels, and more lives for free. It is an android games hacker app. The application is always available and you can download it directly from Google. The most advanced feature of Creehack is, it will navigate you while hacking any game. So there’s nothing to worry about if you are not good at technical things.


  • No rooting is required
  • Compatible with other apps
  • It can download any game or app
  • You will not spend any amount on the free hack, it is free f cost
  • You will get unlimited coins, gold, scores, and much more

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is one of the best and well-known apps for android game hacking. Lucky Patcher game hacker app is a software with which we can unveil endless possibilities like removing license verification and ads and modifying a host for other features. It has a pre-coded data mod that is being updated by the developers regularly.

It works on android games hack no root devices and also on rooted devices and can guide you with how to play your chosen video games. It can also customize game memory. You can use it for In-APP Purchases. After purchasing, you will have access to full game features. It works for both online and offline games. It is more comfortable for non-rooted users. But if you have rooted permission you will get to enjoy extra features with faster operations.


It will give you the best free in-app purchases

Removes the license verification and annoying ads

You will have access to all the features of apps and games

Helps move an app or game to an SD card in one click.

It works on both rooted and non-rooted android devices