Apps to watch movies with friends


When the epidemic is raging and you can’t go to the movies together or even visit each other, who doesn’t want to watch movies online with friends? Our movie schedule has been postponed week after week. Well, not in the future! On. Apps like watch2ght are currently all the rage. Watch2 together is a revolutionary application that helps many people watch movies with friends and relatives who are not present.

You can watch online videos with your friends on Youtube without getting close to them. The only problem here is that multiple apps offer to watch movies together, and you have to choose between them.


1. Watch2gether

This app is the most famous and widely used application for watching movies with friends on the Internet. Watch2ght can directly access the room without an account. You can get almost all the features through the free version of watch2. You have to make a temporary account. Click “Create Room” and that’s it.

You can invite friends to video chat. You can also join other chat rooms to watch online videos with friends. Together, Watch2 allows you to freely select music or videos from various video service providers with one search. It is very popular and useful because it is easy to use, you just need to click the “Create Room” button. You can also download the Chrome extension from watch2ght. This will make the process easier when you want to watch a movie remotely together. There are many other apps to watch movies with friends.

2. MyCircleTv

Want to use voice chat to comment on various scenes, expressions, and dialogues while watching movies online with friends? Then MyCircleTv is just right for you.  If you like it, please choose MyCircleTv. No need to create an account to access mycircletv, you can create a room and start sharing. Watch a movie with friends. However, there are subtle differences between registered and unregistered seats. After registering an account, you can get

  • Profile to manage your history.
  • 5 GB space is used to upload videos to myCloud storage.
  • Write down your past invitations and watch the party.

3. Sync Video

Video synchronization is done through an online browser, and you can also access it through a browser extension. Video sync extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox. The process of using synchronized video is very simple. You make a chat room and invite friends. Go to the room where they want to watch a movie online together. Now you watch movies with friends. The synchronized video focuses on your privacy, when you create a video, you will get a private space. You come back to the room all the time. You can use it to watch Youtube and other streaming videos. For YouTube and Vimeo, you can also create a playlist to watch with friends to watch later.

4. StreamParty

StreamParty is the newest member of our group. Although the platform uses technology similar to Netflix Party (now Teleparty), it also has an extensive movie database containing more than 100,000 articles, selected episodes, and recommended movies for the best viewing experience. It also recommends the latest news from the service of your choice. In the free version, you have an unlimited budget to participate in public gangs, where you can also make new friends. There are also several hours of private parties. Last but not least, they have a great blog that provides a lot of inspiration.

5. Plex VR

Enough talk about space, now let’s talk about the virtual space you see. I want to talk about virtual reality. Plex is a great way to share your VR movie experience with your loved ones. Space is like reality. Everyone sits in the room with their avatars. Plex VR allows you to share your Plex library with your friends and watch VR videos together.

This is the process to start using Plex. You and all your friends need to install Plex VR on your PC or Mac. After that, you need to add the media to your Plex library. Then rent a room and start streaming with your friends. However, this is a valuable experience, because all your friends should have devices that support VR. However, there are trade-offs when choosing the type of hardware, because users can adjust the screen size and other settings to meet their needs. Most of the apps to watch movies with friends are not correctly working and reliable. But these are very suitable and effective.