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Best 4k add-ons for kodi working in 2021

Kodi 4k content

4k add-ons help you to stream the best 4k content on your Kodi. Talking about the add-ons, mostly are free and you may find the good ones to stream movies but the content quality will vary up to 720p or 1080p. However, Kodi is delivering the best shows only in HD or 4K Quality. The reason for choosing the 4k content on Kodi is to get high-quality streams. The top-rated add-ons are all you are looking for, in terms of most popular movies released to every kind of content including sports channels. You just keep Kodi addons up-to-date.

Without Real Debrid, do not expect 4K

Mostly the Kodi addons are free and you will only get content quality in 720p or 1080p. Hence, you will unable to find 4k links. The 4k links are higher in quality than HD and comprise large files which means 10GB could be 100GB when they are in 4k. The free servers cannot store such large files.

Also, the free server has a low connection speed. They will take a long time to run a 4k movie. So, if you really want the best 4k content on Kodi addons you need to get Real Debrid.

Here is the list of best Kodi add-ons that are currently working and generating 4K streaming:

  1. The Crew
  2. Exodus Redux
  3. Venom
  4. The Magic Dragon
  5. Nole Cinema
  6. Limitless
  7. Seren
  8. Gaia
  9. Scrubs v2
  10. IT
  11. The crew

The crew is considered the most famous addon which can stream TV shows and HD movies. We can also stream live sports, cartoons, fitness videos, radio, food, and stand-up comedy. The Kodi addons mostly have copyrighted content. To overcome this issue, a good VPN is required for your security and privacy which means to hide your IP address and location.

  1. Exodus Redux

Probably the most recent Kodi addon. We can stream Movies, Documentaries, and TV shows. It is the latest one as well as the most appreciated one. Exodus Redox stream faster which means it requires zero buffering. If used with real debris, you will get even better streams and the best links.

  1. Venom

One of the most popular add-ons by which we can watch only Movies and TV shows. So, not to look for other categories. Venom will use next-generation scrappers and will be working with the help of its developers. It has a range of playing 4k content on Kodi, with 4k streaming from different sources. Venom does not possess your own 4k area like all the other addons.

  1. The Magic Dragon

The all in one addon with which we can stream Movies, TV shows, Radio, documentaries, Music, and much more. Probably, the trendy and well-known add-on provides the best 4k content on Kodi. It has an inclusive extent for entertainment including Movies and TV episodes. It has become the most favorite of users and experts. You can watch your favorite movies and shows as it brings you the content you desired.

  1. Nole Cinema

Nole cinema only provides selective films, including TV shows, Movies, Cartoons, Stand-up comedies, and Anime. Though it does not have a bigger library, it will provide you the desired content you are looking for. If you are fond of watching movies then it will be the best addon. It also has a feature of selecting the film and its quality in one 1-click.

  1. Limitless

Another all-in-one addon that will stream Movies, Cartoons, TV shows, Live Sports, and IPTV channels.  When you open the movie section, you will discover a large area of movies along with their subcategories. Employing subcategories, we will see the movie genre, the cast and release date, etc. You will also find a 4k segment here which means you will turn up more than ninety-plus of the 4k content on Kodi. For example, movies to watch later.

  1. Seren

Seren is the best 4k Kodi addon with which we can stream Movies and TV shows. Seren is the most efficient and good-looking addon. It functions like Netflix and provides you the best result in 4k. The services offered are Real Premiumize and Debrid which means you will find lots of 4K movies. Like Netflix, You will see both movies and Tv shows at first, then you will choose a category and get a lot of results including your own search.

  1. Gaia

The on-demand add-on streams your favorite movies and TV shows. Gaia’s home screen will arrange the content into different categories including movies, documentaries, shows, and kids. When you give a command, Gaia will show dozens of streams from different servers. Gaia’s latest version comes with many improvements making it faster to watch high-quality 4K content. When used with Real Debrid it provides the best result.

  1. Scrubs v2

Scrubs is voted as the best addon that streams TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, Boxes, and playing 4k content on Kodi. You do not have to look for your own 4K library in terms of film. When you click any film title, scrubs will start browsing the site. So, you will see a 4K stream before browsing the film. Scrubs come up in a great variety. There is no specific 4k section, you will need to connect your Real Debrid account to discover HD and 4K links.

  1. IT

It comes in a trending style of the new Movies addons. It will stream films, documentaries, cartoons, TV shows, Netflix series, and many more. Talking about 4k content, IT has its own 4K list. There are 150 + titles you will find here. You need an accurate Debrid account to enjoy these features.


Technology is growing faster and watching a movie in 4k has become a need. By using the best 4k addons for Kodi, you will enjoy 4k movies.