Avast Secure Browser

How Do You Stop Avast Secure Browser From Opening At Startup

Avast secure browser opening on startup

Lately, some people have had problems with Avast secure browsers that will keep opening when the computer starts. There might also have other types of software that prevent the browser from space as well. Avast won’t open if there is extra software that prevents it from opening. If you are worried that your Avast won’t open, you might have to use CCleaner software to uninstall a few apps that control the Avast from opening. Once you install your Avast secure browser and keep space, you might have to find a way to solve this problem.

However, there is a simple way that you can stop the Avast secure browser from opening if you disable it from the settings section at the browser place.

A lot of people take to use this browser for tracking and stopping ads. However, sometimes the Avast won’t open as there might be automated installations when you install this software.

Right from the start of the Avast installation, make sure to uncheck the different boxes right below the screen properly.

Why Users Prefer to Stop the Whole Avast Browser

Many users also complain that there are different Avast downloads. There are various browser installations without the computer owner’s consent and additional requests for other bookmarks that are automatically imported to the browser.

It is a problem when apps start running the minute you turn on the computer. It also created a type of mistrust feeling even among Avast browsers and others who also use the whole browser because they are scared of a virus attack.

In different cases, apart from stopping the whole web browser from self-startup, users can also use different web browsers as well, and there is no other default option to store user data.

Here we have different ways to stop the browser from opening in three different ways. You can modify the different browser settings to prevent it from opening. Then you can attempt to deactivate it using a task manager or uninstall the browser right away.

Let us go through the different steps in detail.

Stop the Whole Avast Secure Browser in the Settings

The most straightforward way to stop the browser from popping up when you launch your Windows is to alter the browser settings. Click on the settings section to view the section on your internet browser.

It will then pop up the browser settings. Next, scroll down below and find the buttons that state the ‘On Startup’. Here, there will be an option to ultimately launch the ‘Avast browser right away when the system startup.’

If the whole browser starts on its self, the option that you clicked ‘On Startup’ must be active as well. There is also a slider bar in the Avast Browser as well. Just use that slider to turn off the whole function.

To end the whole thing, go to the settings part, and disable the slider bar to launch the Avast browser right away.

It will take care of the whole issue, and it is the most effective manner as it works both on Apple and Windows operating systems.

Disable the Whole Browser via the Task Manager

Another method to correctly disable the whole browser is to use these different options in the task manager. It is a proper place to get the right startup apps. Run the task manager by holding down a few buttons at the same time.

Hold on ctrl + Shift + I.  In the whole task manager, and there will be a lot of tabs available for your usage. Double-tap on the startup tab to correctly display the entire list of accounts when launching the app. The system starts right away. Go directly to the browser option and double tap on it. After that, disable the settings.

Disable the whole settings to block the entire browser from launching at startup. In this manner, the Avast will only run when you launch the entire browser.

Uninstalling the Avast Directly From Your Computer’s Control Panel

The control panel will have a long list of different apps that run on the system, and you can remove these apps from your computer.

A lot of users also panic when they see an app installed on the computer without their permission. If you want to get rid of the Avast browser, the fastest way is to get rid of it via the control panel. You can also install it again if you change your mind.

Here we can have a proper way to uninstall the browser by using the control panel.

First, locate the control panel by searching for the function in the Windows search box. Next, go to Programs and Features, and there will be a long list of different apps and programs on the system. Find the Avast app icon and click on it. After that, click on the uninstall option of the program. The program is now uninstalled. You can now have peace of mind.

Users usually perform these few actions to get rid of the browser. These are the most common ways to stop Avast from launching at startup.

Final Verdict

The Avast Secure Browser is suitable to use. Still, when it takes over your system, and it controls the browser’s preferences, you might try to get rid of it if it keeps opening when you startup your computer; you might have enabled this function by accident.

Moreover, when you download the Antivirus software, you might have downloaded the Avast browser program simultaneously. Thus, this browser should be uninstalled significantly if it interferes with running the computer’s operating system.

To avoid changing the system’s settings and unexpected damages from affecting your computer’s operating system, switch to a private browser like Tor Browser. You can also use Brave Browser as there is a personal search when you switch to incognito mode. Moreover, there are also cookies deleted and another cache from slowing down the browser as well. There are different versions available for both Windows and macOS.